Mojo Hand FX’s “The Rook” gets a new demo

“Winner of the “What’s That Dude Play? Pedal Of The Year 2011″

From Mojo Hand FX comes The Rook. An overdrive pedal with similarities to a Tube Screamer but certainly a bird of another feather. The Rook is an overdrive designed with versatility in mind. A unique Baxandall tone stack and a 3 way toggle switch, along with more standard controls such as gain, level, bass and treble, this overdrive can dial in a wide range of tones. A truly stackable pedal, the Rook plays well with your fuzzes, boosts, and other drives.

Lance Seymour gives The Rook a nice little run through in an updated demo. He puts the pedal through it’s paces with the help of a Dr Z Amps Carmen Ghia, a Gibson SG, and Fender Tele loaded with Elliot Guitars TeleWhacker pups. Enjoy!


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