Dispatch Master from Earthquaker Devices

Dispatch Master by Earthquaker Devices

Dispatch Master by Earthquaker Devices

Warm and clear are likely the most overused words in the gear-head’s vernacular but they are perfectly accurate when discussing the Dispatch Master pedal from Akron, Ohio’s Earthquaker Devices. A delay and reverb in single sized enclosure with huge sound.

The sound is pure analog despite the fact that the Dispatch Master is a digital reverb and delay. The sound is not sterile or cold and yet retains definition even at the 5 o’clock (max) positions. Capable of delivering a full and lush, even cathedral-like reverb decay along with zero degradation repeats on the delay side, EQD built a lot of fun into a standard enclosure. The DM offers a 200ms (almost 2 full seconds) of delay with nearly infinite repeats that can be used in conjunction with the reverb, or you can dial back the Reverb knob and experience just the delay signal. The inverse is also true. By turning the Time control counterclockwise, you can isolate the reverb. In this mode, the Repeats knob alters character of the ‘verb. As is the norm these days, the Dispatch Master is true bypass and powered with a standard 9v (center negative) power supply.

If you need just a touch of reverb and a little slap-back delay, the DM can do it. Fortunately, it can also call up huge articulate ambiance as well. Earthquaker has built a versatile, dual effect pedal that doesn’t compromise build quality, sound quality, or overall fun.

Earthquaker Devices’ Dispatch Master is available at www.stationguitars.com and typically ships within 24 hours of ordering.


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