Rawkworks Light OD, Night OD, and Rawk OD

For those about to Rawk…

Rawkworks Power Trio

Rawkworks Power Trio

Rawkworks delivers 3 outstanding overdrive pedals each with unique tonal attributes. All designed and hand wired in the good ol’ USA.

The Light OD is the jumping off point for this power trio. Don’t let the name fool you, there’s a good amount of gain west of 12 o’clock. The lower gain settings can be used to dial in your favorite “klon-type” tones.

The Night OD builds on the Light version but alters the voicing slightly to work in higher gain territory.

Lastly, the Rawk OD is it’s own animal. While it’s often popular to refer to an overdrive as transparent  Mr. Skinner makes it very clear that he intends for you know it’s on and that it’s time to Rawk.

When you’re ready to get your RAWK on, order your Rawkworks Pedals here.


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