Jam Pedals: Handwired Greatness

Embarrassing admission: I can fall in love with a new pedal relatively easily. However, it’s kinda odd for me to love every piece of gear in a pedal builders line. Jam Pedals bucks this trend in a big way. (Side bar: Of course, just because I may not care for a particular pedal from a builder, doesn’t mean it’s in some way “sub standard”, it just may not be my cup of tea.) I’m fairly certain that if I had build a 3 pedal “desert island” signal chain, I could do it with just stomps from Jam.

All pedals are hand-painted and these pedals look (and sound) like works of art. In many cases (pun intended) the enclosures are custom finished in an assortment of materials. While looking good is important to some folks, sounding good is what we are really after. Jam delivers on this front equally.

These boxes are all hand wired in Athens, Greece using vintage and rare components to dial in true vintage tones. If you’re looking for that certain tone that grabs you and demands you to play more, Jam Pedals gets it done. From the Retro Vibe (univibe clone pictured above), Red Muck (muff circuit), Fuzz Phrase (germanium fuzz), Rattler (distortion), to Dyna-Saur (compression), these pedals have the mojo.

You can check these out at THE SHOP and by all means, get your feet on one of these ASAP.



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