Good morning, Glory!

It’s too fuzzy, too wooly, too gainy, too Dinosaur Jr…. C’mon man!
There’s a lot of misinformation out there about overdrive, distortion, and fuzz. Which is which? Where does one stop and the other stop on the spectrum of gain? I cant pretend to answer all that in a single blog post (due largely to possessing the attention span of ferret) but maybe, just maybe I can articulate my thoughts on the matter.

We’ll start with a great sounding OD pedal from JHS Pedals

Overdrive is at the low end of the spectrum on gain. Think of a “clean” tube amp just at the point of breaking up. Sidenote: This is a sound people claim to love but few have ever actually heard it in the last several years most of the time it is being replicated by a pedal. I use BB King, John Mayer as a point of reference along with SRV. When people ask me for something in that range, I’m happy to suggest the JHS Morning Glory from the shop.

It’s a very transparent overdrive that can range from almost no grit to just a little bit. I suspect that Brad Paisley would be right at home with this little baby. This pedal falls into what I call an “always on” category. It is perfect in that you only really notice it when it you turn it off. Morning Glory is not going to color your sound or thin it out. It just adds a little “sumpthin” to the basic clean tone. It’s just not practical to crank up an 80 watt amp for most situations but the Morning Glory does the trick without angering parents, neighbors, and overly sensitive engineers. 🙂

Next time we will tackle distortion…or fuzz…or something else



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