Cusack Music Tap-A-Whirl

Cusack Music Tap-A-WhirlI don’t normally get too worked up about pedals. Wait. That’s just not true. I don’t usually get THIS worked up about a pedal. The Cusack Music Tap-A-Whirl has really impressed me!

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for a great sounding tremolo. I still dearly miss my Fender Vibrolux for this reason alone. Most trem pedals are what I would classify as “serviceable”. They sound just OK and they serve their basic purpose (which is to effect the amplitude of the signal). I’ve played a handful of slightly nice tremolos that still sound just OK but they offer a little something more option wise. Rarely do I find one that combines a great sound and a ton of useful options. The Tap A Whirl seems to be just that kind of pedal.

Options Galore: I’m a simple man. I don’t require a bunch of bells and whistles. In fact, most of the time all the extra circuitry gets in the way of a really pure signal. However, when presented with a pedal that delivers the tone and has all the knobs that we knob tweakers love so dearly, well that’s “no brainer”.

Check out the video from It does a great job walking through all the features and demo-ing the sounds available. The production of the video is well done so the 10 minute run time should help you avoid getting “tired-head”. Plus there’s a pretty sweet Brian May guitar featured.

Full Disclosure: I don’t own or sell Cusack Music products or receive payment from Cusack.




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